Nivati Beach

Nivati Beach-One Of The Secret Beach In Vengurla.

Nivati beach - Vengurla beach

Actually Vengurla is a remarkable place to enjoy beach tourism. Most of the beaches in Vengurla are unexplored and untouched. They are known as the secret beaches in Vengurla and Nivati beach is one of them.

Now days, travellers are searching the lesser known beaches who really like to spend his time away from the large crowds. here we are going to introduce you to the most beautiful beach in Vengurla which is quite unknown to many tourists coming to visit Konkan. Nivati Beach is particularly a fishing hamlet with a picturesque view and a secluded atmosphere to escape from stressful life.  Nivati Beach is located to the south of Vengurla Beach.

The untainted beach is encompassed by a background of overgrown, green slopes toward the end of the shoreline. You may be lucky to spot some entrancing natural life, for example, exotic birds and monkeys amidst the tropical foliage around the shore.

The beach is lonely and deserted, there isn’t much activity going around, however the beach is an awesome spot for nature lovers and beach explorers. The entire beach has only 2-3 accommodation for tourists. The stunningly wonderful, fantastical view opens eye of everybody who is comes here. From the rock, which is set ideally one the Beach, a cool stream flows down to the sea. This beautiful beach will be a perfect place for the newly married couple for honeymoons.

How to reach from Vengurla: Nivati Beach is connected to Vengurla and Tarkarli-Malvan via coastal highway. From Vengurla Beach, one can easily take a bus or taxi along the southern part to reach Nivati. Buses leave for Vengurla,  from Malvan but with less frequency.

Distance of Nivati beach from Vengurla : 27 Km by coastal highway

Distance of Nivati beach from Malvan : 26.5 Km by coastal highway